We are facing a truly unprecedented situation as a nation and the world in general and as an association, we acknowledge that this outbreak is challenging. We therefore wish to state that we stand with our members, the Federal government and all Nigerian citizens in the fight against this global viral pandemic. Although in Nigeria, like in many other African countries, the number of cases and mortality have been comparatively low, we need to remain resolute in the fight against the virus, bearing in mind the limitations of our health care systems.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the virus directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are with relatives of those who have lost their loved ones as well as those who are sick as a result of the pandemic disease; we wish them full recovery.

We encourage everyone to abide by the several safety measures that have been outlined by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), as we all join forces to stop this dangerous disease. We plead with Government to expand the Nation’s testing capacity for COVID-19, as well as provide adequate and high quality Personal Protective Equipment for use by our members and colleagues at the frontline of this fight.

We also implore our members and colleagues who are at the forefront of this fight against covid-19 to take maximum precautionary measures while giving care to patients in their different hospitals. We appreciate your efforts and we admire your resilience.

Our colleagues in both public and private practice are advised to cut down on elective surgeries, as these are veritable settings for close contact over some hours. However, elective surgery should be done in a situation where delay will adversely affect disease and/or treatment outcome. Members are further advised to do consultations and follow up on virtual platforms.

The leadership of our Association will use all measures at its disposal to continue to create awareness and sensitize the people on ways to take appropriate precautions that enable us reduce the number of cases that are increasing on daily basis.

The association is not oblivious of the perils our members and many Nigerians are facing right now. But we wish to once again encourage you to persevere, observe hand and respiratory hygiene, maintain physical distancing guidelines, avoid unimportant travels and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as these are some proven ways to avoid getting Coronavirus.

Let’s stay safe and may the Almighty bless our efforts and save our Nation from this evil disease. Together, we shall win!

Prof JN Legbo
Dr AO Iyun
Secretary General